Home Improvement

Automate Buzzer

Should be able to detect when someone rings the bell and send notifications to an app/webpage? Bonus points for remote button pressing!

Spotify Connect Server with speakers in kitchen

Home Automation Setup

With HomeAssistant & Node Red?

100W LED Light

  • build casing
  • esp control

Server Projects

Homeserver Setup

  • Homeserver Install
  • Media Server
  • KeyControl
  • Backup (Re)Structure
  • FF Sync & FF Send
  • Replace StorageBox with Homeserver

Migrate to to Kubernetes

HomeAssistant Setup

Hardware Projects

Tortoise Control

Continuation of project? Tortoises are doing fine without it, soooo :shrug:

Esp wifi sniffer

LoRa Mesh

Esp32 Weather Station

Esp Hot Water Relay

Board Designs:

  • BuckBoost
  • Universal ESP32 Board with Programming Header
    • LoRa Addon
    • Relay Addon
    • Weatherstation Addon
    • Display Addon
    • Power Addon

8bit Computer

Now with more Z80!

Software Projects


Godot Game Ideas

Twitchbot LSTM

LineageOS for Asus Z01HD

Fairmail customisation

Sharelatex Erweiterung

Sharelatex mit ldap oder gitlab login & version keeping?

HudLCD features

Support more LCD blocks like cockpits, etc

Chore Projects

Spotify cleanup